Why Y’all Ain’t Tell Me????

Always the last to know!!

The “Why Y’all Ain’t Tell Me Face”.
Ok so I’m not really the last to know everything I know but more often than not, I am! 

Whether it’s cold outside and I didn’t know, or it’s a beautiful day and everyone that seen it before I did, didn’t tell me, my question is the same.

Why y’all ain’t tell me?!?

One thing I HAVE been told a lot is how good I’m doing on this healthy journey. I appreciate it alot and it motivates me to want to do even better. The thing is tho, I see myself everyday so it seemed like I wasn’t doing enough. The scale hadn’t been moving much but it was steady. My clothes are fitting like a champ but I look in the mirror at myself everyday. I was hating it.

Then, it happened.

I woke up one morning for work, just like a normal day. Put on my pants, one leg at a time. Put on my shoes and my shirt on. Walked by the same mirror that’s in the same spot and took a step back. I got in my ninja fighting stance because I thought someone had broke in but it was just me. I saw myself in a different light for the first time in a long time.

Maybe everybody that loved me wasn’t just telling me how much I’ve changed physically just because they felt they had to or they knew I was on this journey. Don’t worry, I believed you all but I didn’t believe myself. But, It was real. It and everyone had been genuine the whole entire time but the insecurities I’ve carried for so long had crept in my mind and changed my perception of the compliments and encouragement I’d been receiving.

These insecurities exist in everybody. I think the most confident person in the world most likely sits alone and thinks of all the things they don’t like about themselves and figures out how to change those things. The toughest critic is the person living and breathing in the same body as the day before. We may see people and think “damn, their life is perfect”. NOPE! Flaws and doubts are relevant in lives across the globe. No matter what it may look like, someone might be fighting with things that are not apparent on the outside at all.

I can’t say thank you enough for everyone that has ever taken the time to congratulate, like a progress picture or offered any kind of positive vibes that they were not obligated to. So, I’ll offer this:

No matter what size, race, gender, or any other thing that may be the difference between you and the person standing next to you, you are a BADASS and you can do whatever your heart desires. There will be times where you feel exactly like I’ve felt many days and nights but find a mirror, get in your face and scream “Why you ain’t tell me I was the SHIT?!?”. We all need to hear it from someone we trust so, why not ourselves?

This Is My Journey: Why y’all aint tell me!?



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