The School Tech Challenge is on Again!

Last year I managed to kick off a program at my old high-school around technology. I found a gap in the system that wasn’t encouraging students to really be innovative and develop something (an app, a website, a tool etc) using technology.

Me, presenting to the school and announcing the winner

We launched the program at Bede Polding College and I funded the first prize being a new iPad. The entries were amazing and the student who I awarded first prize to developed a playable game which had you wondering a 3D maze. I was shocked that this was possible at such a young age. The biggest thing which surprised me most was that this student developed this outside of the sylabus, outside of the classroom, and outside of what would normally make him an A-Grade student. I couldn’t have been happier. If this program we ran didn’t happen then these students wouldn’t have taken this step in their educational journey and may never pursue a career in this path. It only cost me an iPad, big whoop.

Full page write-up about the program in the school year book

In 2015 I am so happy to say that the program is underway again. The school principle and the IT Coordinator were keen to see it run again and I was also. This year I wanted to make the prize bigger and better. I reached out to some contacts at various tech companies and found one to be particularly keen to support students in this area. Lenovo. When I was in school I used Lenovo desktops, when I worked for the Catholic Education Office we were deploying Lenovo laptops everyday and today where I work we use Lenovo laptops. Having Lenovo onboard meant that we would provide the winning student with a prize from a company that understands schools, understands student needs and is relevant for the years after school.

They’ve generously donated a Yoga Pro, a real workhorse that is also sexy to look at. This winning student will have the coolest laptop in the school. The entries for the year are yet to be seen however I will report back with the winners details for sure. Stay tuned.

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