Is The Verge just one big inside joke?

Full disclosure: I really like the Verge — they have done wonders to the tech media world. Bring tech together with lifestyle and opening the ‘tech’ bubble up to wider world of science. There is one worrying trend starting to appear over the last couple of years, and I think they are turning into Buzzfeed version 2.

I suppose it’s not surprising, given the fact that they are funded by adverts, and its parent company Vox Media has borrowed in excess of $300m. With the vast majority of that coming in August 2015 — so page views are eveything.

They produced some truely amazing things, take for example ‘Anatomy of a Hack’ in which Russel Brandon went in depth, showing the working behind elaboarte and outlandish hacking to a wonderfull level. Indeed much of the longform section of the is filled with simular ventures and astonishinly brilliant artilces.

Mix this with weird things like the above article, and I am very confused about what The Verge is! The once brilliant Vergecast has descended into a barrage of inside jokes, some opinions overruling all and more talk of Kanye West than any person can take.

I yearn for a simpler time of ‘this is my next’ and Josh/Dieter opinions on everything. Pretty soon as an avid reader and listener, iVerge is going to be byeVerge – should I be expected to tolerate such trash to pay for the occasional brilliance?

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