Nexus 6p Qfuse may not be such a big deal

The blogging world was alight recently with the news that the bootloader on the New Nexus 6p was still unlockable, but would trigger an irreversible efuse. The Qualcomm Qfuse would cause the phone to be forever branded with a tag that may affect warranty claims. Whether that actually made any difference or not was debated at length but it may not even be an issue according to one of the first in the UK to get their hands on the device.

Twitter follower and friend Michael Kitchen (@KitchOMFG) has unlocked the bootloader of his silver Nexus 6p bought from Carphonewarehouse and it has NOT tripped the Qfuse. Using the command fastboot flashing unlock, not the usual fastboot OEM unlock has unlocked and wiped the device as normal but the ‘qfuse’status is still shown as enabled.

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Good news for those wanting to tinker. Let me know if yours has done the same, and also your impressions of the device as I am still waiting for my review device.

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