Workflow Wednesday: Post to Instagram

Welcome to week 5 of what has proved to be a popular series on Eurotech — Workflow Wednesday’s. Workflow is a fantastic app for iOS that will allow you to automate all sorts of things and make productivity and your general life much easier. Can I presume you already have the app and have set it up? If not check out my guide to getting yourself going with Workflow.

Instagram Automation

Workflow allows for you to create your own ‘recipes’ but also discover thousands that have already been created online. Each Wednesday I will share one to help you do all sorts of things from cross posting to all your social networks at once to turbo charging your productivity.

This weeks workflow is the easiest workflow you possibly will ever find. All it does is post to Instagram — thats easy you say! However Instagram STILL don’t allow you to post direct from the share sheet, but the really handy thing about this workflow is you can post direct from apps like Google photos. So if like me you take images on multiple phones, Instagram posting is a doddle.

instagram workflow run

Now What?

Put it to use! You activate the workflow from the share sheet, so find the image you want, select share and then run workflow. Don’t forget you can post direct from apps so you no longer need to keep all your photos on your phone. Which could come in handy particularly if you have a phone not blessed with more that a tiny amount of storage.

You could always customise the workflow to double post to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter by simply dragging the actions in, so go wild and see what you can create. Share your favourites with us using the hashtag #workflowwednesday and we might even include them in next weeks Workflow Wednesday.

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