International Women’s Day: A Few Meditations for White Men on Honoring Women Organizers.
Caitlin Breedlove

(slowly shaking my head)

This is why I reject identity politics

Instead of trying to find common ground (the way I was trained to organize in the labor movement) this article tries to divide, separate, segregate and alienate

So, our enemy isn’t the bourgeoisie — the “one percent” as they’re popularly known these days — but it’s the White cishet male shitlords

Written in the ear grating jargon of the intersectional social justice left (“cis men” and “women identified” instead of just plain men and women) this article isn’t intended to educate White men, but to shame and blame them

I’m a Black man, FWIW (and before you ask both “cis” and “het” — I guess that makes me an enemy too)

We aren’t going to get to socialism with this garbage — we might get a reform capitalism with transgender women in power….and the workers still exploited but that’s not important, “intersectionality” is