On dating men with “potential”

So, basically, she wants a man with money.

Nothing wrong with that — in an institutionally sexist society where women are paid less than men across the board, I can see the appeal of finding a personal solution to the wage gap in the form of marrying a rich guy

That said…there’s a finite number of rich guys out there.

Most of us aren’t CEOs with yachts in the harbor and money in the bank

We’re the hard working skilled employees without whom the CEO’s company would be a worthless collection of office buildings and machines.

We’re the people who built that yacht

We’re the people in the bank who invest his money

But I guess we’re chopped liver, in the same category with the junkies and drunks

There’s a middle ground between the executive suite and skid row — lots of good men there, if you get off your high horse and look