Good Samaritan Backfire
peretz partensky


I get it, you’re a rich White male San Francisco techie douchebag.

HOW DARE a mere MEXICAN and a SOUTH ASIAN WOMAN tell you to leave because you’re interfering with the firemen aiding the victims?

Don’t they know who you are?

You’re a White man — and a job creator!

You’re one of the tech elite!

How dare those mere civil servants — and colored ones at that (and one a woman!) dare to tell you, a rich White man, to obey the law and move along?

Those laws were written for INFERIORS — the homeless and the brown — not for a rich White man like you!

Seriously, dude, when you call 911 seeking aid for an injured person, when the professionals get there you GET OUT OF THE WAY — I say that as a trained first aider (I’ve held NSF first aid and CPR certificates for 17 years).

They have relieved you, they need their space to do their work, you were interfering.

You were in the wrong, sunshine.

Now I know it mortifies your White Silicon Valley Male pride to have to listen to mere public employees — especially if one is a Mexican and the other is an Asian woman. You think you’re special and only other rich White guys get to tell you wat to do.

Sorry, champ — the world doesn't work like that

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