The hype has only begun

Sneakers have always been a defining piece of every man and woman’s attire in the streetwear culture. It wasn’t until recent times with the rise of sneakerheads that a sneaker became a lucrative side-hustle for many people around the globe. Sneakerheads’ main objective is seeking out rare pairs that not many people can get their hands on. As a result, the owners of these sneakers could generate anywhere from a small $1,000 to a whopping $1.8 million in revenue off of just one pair of shoes alone.

Cowen Equity Research says that the sneaker market could be worth $30 billion…

What happened to only worrying about computer viruses?

Is privacy and online security becoming a new necessity for our mental well-being? Over the years our mobile evolution has made it simpler to maneuver online browsing and possibly ignore software viruses. The minor concern we dealt with in the beginning of the internet was not sharing passwords. Fast forward a decade after smartphones essentially took over the globe, new apps and developers got to work. Now we see how most of society and the economy can flourish, grow, network globally, and do more things remotely compared to the early 2000’s. …

The Great Fail Podcast: Episode 36

Cinephile and film enthusiast, Stacy Spikes, sought to reinvent the way people watched movies. His answer was MoviePass, a subscription-based service that allowed people to watch any movie, at any theater, at any time for one monthly fee. It was ground-breaking, well-suiting the company to disrupt an entire industry. But what occurred next would see MoviePass topple from being a blockbuster hit to a box-office bomb. A special thanks to Stacy Spikes for sharing his experience in founding MoviePass. Get that and more on Episode 36 of The Great Fail.

About The Great Fail Podcast

What makes greatness fail? How do some of the most…

Instagram recently announced they are testing the use of a new anti-harassment tool Limits. Limits recommends users filter comments and DMs from certain groups of accounts that may send hateful messages. This feature is like the Instagram feature Restrict, which allows users to review comments before they are published and read DMs without sending read receipts. However, Restrict manages harassment from individuals while Limits controls unwanted messages from abusive groups of people.

The need for a feature to limit hateful comments on Instagram became apparent following the Euro 2020 final. After England’s defeat, angry fans barraged football players Bukayo Saka…

You don’t have to spend all day on it

How does one go about spreading their word and truths on Twitter without devoting those long and somewhat painstaking hours, but instead getting something finished in a quick manner? The answer may be more simple than you can imagine. In this article I will lay out a game plan for efficiently growing your Twitter account.

Tweeting Frequently

The first idea I want to offer is that of tweeting frequently. When you put sundry Tweets out online, it allows one to garner more online attention and thus more fans/followers. …

As the beauty industry continues to grow and skincare becomes an important lifestyle aspect, new trends, fads, and products begin to emerge. From “K-beauty” and “glass skin” to “10-step skincare routines”, chances are you’ve already come across certain terms on social media relating to Korean skincare. But instead of being passing fads, Korean cosmetics seem to be increasing in popularity throughout the entire world, intriguing and captivating skincare communities. …

Next time you see a social media personality selling their brand, keep this in mind

We all know about influencers and entrepreneurs in today’s society. One focuses on social media and presenting a product to an audience and the other focuses on business and presenting a brand to an audience. This then brings up an important question that needs answering. Are influencers and entrepreneurs technically the same? That’s right, both career paths do showcase a similar aspect to presenting a certain brand to an audience. Whether it’s a person selling a product or a brand selling a certain business, both do exceptional at marketing themselves towards their audience in order to make revenue. …

Do you know the Power of 3?

At one point or another, you have scrolled through social media and have come across someone who has a high degree of fame and success. You may have even thought to yourself, “I wish I had that much influence” or “to have that much money would be amazing.” Don’t get me wrong, for many people it is, but in the present age of technology and the internet still being relatively young, everything isn’t always as it seems.

It is easy to fall for the follower count and believe that because someone has 100,000 followers, we should automatically and maybe justly…

Playlist for the dreamers

Over the past couple of weeks, we explored different playlists for entrepreneurs. Music is a great motivator for a lot of people. It provides reminders for those who dare to dream or are fighting the urge to stop dreaming. Here’s to the next phase of our entrepreneur playlist.

Entrepreneur Playlist Part 3

Entrepreneur enjoying life and work
Entrepreneur enjoying life and work
Entrepreneur enjoying life and work

Live Your Life by T.I.:

“Got my mind on my money. And I’m not goin’ away… So keep on gettin’ your paper, and keep on climbin’. Look in the mirror and keep on shinin’. Until the game ends, ’til the clock stop. We gon’ post up on the top spot.” Beyond the lyrics of fancy clothes and…

Netflix recently spoke out about the company’s aspirations to include video games in its services. Their explanation of the expanding of the company’s services was very expected as usual. Greg Peters, Netflix’s CEO, explained that “The success of this initiative is about great games, fundamentally.” He later stated that “We think we can deliver more entertainment value through [games].”

The concept of putting video games on the streaming service comes down to two themes: data and intellectual property. The company’s first significant non-radio business venture raises awareness of how vital streaming is to their service. Netflix has revolutionized the streaming…

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