Keys for Your ZZZ’s

By: Erin O’Brien

I’m a stomach sleeper, but when my dog, Snoop, takes over the bed it becomes more of a “pretzel” position.

Snoop Dawg

Whenever I hit the pillow, the back of my eyelids and tomorrow’s breakfast are the only thing I’m thinking of. However, a recent study by Stony Brook University has me rethinking the way I get my ZZZ’s.

Most of us know that sleep problems can lead to weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, clumsiness, and sleepiness. What I personally did not know was that sleep problems are also linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The study examined the health benefits of each position (side sleeper, stomach sleeper, and back sleeper- cover stealers need not apply). Well folks, the results are in:

1. Side Sleepers- good for you guys! This position helps the body eliminate toxins and proteins that have built up in the brain throughout the day.

2. Back Sleepers- although this position distributes weight evenly and helps align the neck and spine, it will not flush any of the bad guys out.

3. Stomach Sleepers- while there is technically nothing wrong with sleeping like this if you have no health problems, there are also no benefits.

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So GRITfitFAM, it may be time to flip over to my side and invest in a king bed- come on, you didn’t think I could actually say no to my dog, did you?

For more info about this study, check out the original article from TODAY.