Rituals and habits form over time. Looking back, reviewing and examining the year past is one of the best habits i could ever have hoped to fall into. It is logging and documenting my past year, and looking and noting in a codified manner my lessons that I have learnt. Hopefully enabling me to learn from them.

You can read my 2018 recommendation list here.

Reading books is one of the highest roi activity one could partake in and as such it makes sense to honestly review and see which ones were the best. It is a lifelong habit that…

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During the lockdown, which regulations should be suspended and why?

Now this answer may seem pedantic, but the regulation of a TV license seems to be more pedantic, in this day and age why do we still have a TV license, I can just go on youtube. Again you will see this theme with my other answers for this poll, the lack and poor utilisation of technology by the government. It is an outdated way of thinking, TV licenses.

After the end of the lockdown, which regulations should the Government cut and why?

I think the government shouldnt cut this…

M&O: The Allure of Speculation

The American dream seems to have shifted. Our standards of living and the features on our vital products have grown. Prices reflect these increased costs both nominally and inflation adjusted. They weigh heavier on the average citizen’s mind. “Getting ahead” seems less achievable through conventional standards. I have seen the American dream shift from one of performative labor to speculative guile.

Speculation, money, fandom, followers, fans
Speculation, money, fandom, followers, fans
Word Cloud of Speculation

Speculative financial markets seem less tarnished by these assumptions of difficulty, at least relative to the upside they could provide. The allure of such speculation seems omnipresent in the minds of the middle class…

New years.

No goals

System optimisations.

No motivation, discipline.

Review year.


Lessons Learned.

Outline next year.

Improve efficiency


New skincare regiment


More email systems.

I read the entirety of a book. Art of war

Thanks to everyone, who i asked incessantly for advice.

Or Don’t Spend Your UBI On VR Porn!

Being British, the only stake I can reasonably hold in American politics is as a bemused observer (or perhaps a dissatisfied subject of a soft-power empire). Regardless, I have been keeping an eye on one Democratic candidate, Andrew Yang, for the past half year or so. I always had a hunch that his radical stance on UBI would make waves, but the way in which this happened has surprised even me. …

The Mirror.

Some say the greatest trick that the devil had ever pulled was convincing the entire world that he did not exist, but that is not strictly true. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was creating, a mirror of himself, the devil’s mirror. Let us, for now for the sake of argument, just assume for a minute that it is most absolutely certain that God created this universe and that some of his most important angels became fallen & turned into the devil and the demons.

God, after angels, and then demons, then created man. The story of Adam &…

Last Wednesday, slight maniac and uncowed truth-teller/insidious huckster (depending on your perspective) Alex Jones made a surprising re-appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, the world’s most popular podcast. In his time there, he spun his usual tales and anxieties into an elucidating tapestry of his worldview — that splinter organizations of the US government are using DMT to communicate with extra-dimensional aliens, cell-phone towers are used to control the population, etc.

This podcast provides an opportunity to examine reaction to what he has said from journalists and social activists like Tim Wise. Mr Wise wrote that Mr Jones should be…

Europe, 126,000 years ago

Neanderthal hunters walk along the snowy woodland, pine trees scent the air. They are thick-chested with robust thick limbs, eyes on the lookout for any sign of prey. Food is scarce at this time of the year, the tribes hunger rests on their shoulders, and their bellies rumble.

An echo afar halts the group, they crouch down, move in slow and quiet hidden within the canopy. A herd of woolly mammoth grazes in the open prairie, tightly bound to one another.

An adult male feeds the clan for days, yet one slip can cost the hunters their game or worse…

回路 (Pulse) — 2001, Japan, dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa


I’ve long been convinced that Japanese society of the late 20th and 21st centuries has acted as a sort of prophecy for Western society. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Japanese art. One can see predictions of inter-gender crises of trust in Mishima’s works such as Forbidden Colours, and uncomfortable consequences of interactive storytelling represented in Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 2.

& upgrading our lens to view reality.

Meta- cognition

“Meta-” coming from the greek to mean beyond or after, often used as a prefix as an additive of abstraction of an abstraction, the concept it is added to.

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Metacognition is “cognition about cognition”, “thinking about thinking” and becoming “aware of one’s awareness.” Metacognition is seeing one owns programming, like an AI that becomes self-aware of the code and rules that run it.

Being able to see the code behind your thought process has many benefits. It is like noticing you are in a dream and be able to defy the rules. Being…


“Come, let us research together!” (Patterson. 2010) Ideas & Analysis. Focus : Meta theories. grit.substack.com

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