You’re missing the point of why people are saying to talk to other people.
Cam Mattheson

Consider yourself disagreed with! I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t believe I’ve missed the point.

First, I should point out that the narrative that Trump supporters are “forgotten Americans” has been debunked multiple times already. It simply is not true. Your “95%” is clearly wildly inaccurate if we are to believe the studies that show that the median income for Trump supporters is at least $72k/year. Even if it’s as low as $40k/year, that does not match with the struggling rural Americans you claim make up the bulk of his voter base.

Second, we can’t disregard that many black people live in the same rural areas, and they simply did not vote for Trump. Can you think of any reason why that may be?

Third, you are not understanding a crucial reality about what it means to be racist. By your response, it sounds like you and I can both agree that Donald Trump is a racist, or at least has said tons of racist things.

I am of the opinion that anyone who has heard the things he’s said and claims that he is not racist, is racist themselves (perhaps unknowingly). If someone does believe Donald Trump is racist, but voted for him anyway, then yes, they are also racist, no matter what they claim their reasoning is. Even if you truly believe in your heart that you are a tolerant, accepting, good person, voting for Trump was a racist action. It’s all about intent versus impact.

If Donald Trump said to you, “If you vote for me, I will get you a job and kill your mother,” would you vote for him? I doubt it, because you likely care about your mother. When Donald Trump says that undocumented immigrants are mostly rapists and drug dealers, says that he will ban Muslims from the country, and admits to sexual assault, then a vote for him is a vote for those things. Even if you say you don’t agree with them, by voting for Trump, you have said, “I don’t care about the people he may hurt, because they aren’t me.”

Lastly, here’s a question for you. Let’s assume that these supposed 95% of Trump supporters aren’t racist. Let’s assume they were drawn to Donald Trump by his promises of economic reparation of rural America. Why is it that they chose Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries? Trump supporter apologists frequently compare Clinton to Trump, but why not Sanders? He was saying many of the same things as Trump regarding things like jobs being moved over to China, but he never said anything racist, sexist, or Islamophobic! Tell me, then, why they didn’t vote in the Democratic primaries for Bernie Sanders? They had every opportunity to.

The answer is bigotry. Undeniably.