Unpopular Social Justice Opinions, or Why I’m Going On Hiatus

Gerard O'Neill
Jul 19, 2017 · 12 min read

1. It’s become too negative and visceral.

1a. Saying, “Don’t @ me” does nothing to advance any struggle.

2. Being a person of color doesn’t automatically make you an expert. Neither does being a woman, being gay, etc.

2a. People who grew up in isolated communities often don’t understand diversity. That includes people of color.

2b. People “specialize” in social justice too much, and they are worse off for it.

2c. Latinos are ignored.

2d. Asians are lumped together, ignored, and shuffled around depending on the topic at hand.

2e. Too few people acknowledge nuances.

3. Social justice’s entry into mainstream culture has watered it down, spawning clickbait and mob mentality.

3a. Double standards and hypocrisy are everywhere

3b. Lots of things go unchecked for fear of being attacked by the mob.

3c. Small, mostly irrelevant, ad-hoc incidents get way too much attention, and that distracts us from the bigger picture.

4. It’s not political enough.

4a. Not enough people vote with their dollars.

4b. Some people receive far too much praise from people who consider themselves woke. Example? Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Gerard O'Neill

Written by

Just a crazy kid whose thoughts may get him in trouble one day. Nothing I say reflects the opinions of people who pay me. http://gerardoneill.com

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