Increasing complexity — How are we adapting to a fast-moving environment ?

Francis Docherty, Chief Commercial Officer

Further to meeting with companies based across Switzerland, I am observing two major trends : short term projects as opposed to long term expatriation plans and compliance in many sectors, immigration topping the list for many companies. The above trends are defining new business models.

One of the ingredients of business success for many companies comes with the capacity to rapidly provide the skills that are needed in various distant locations. Meanwhile, mobility is becoming more complex than ever with the rise of insecurity and its consequences. Also, HR professionals are challenged today with line managers’ needs to urgently respond to customer requirements and cope with the growing complexity of immigration rules and regulations.

The trend we are seeing is that long term assignments are now giving way to short term missions and the possibility to rapidly obtain a work permit is becoming more protracted than ever.

How are we adapting to a fast-moving environment ?

GR Mobility has clearly identified these trends and developed strategic services to face the growing needs :

🔹 Creation of an immigration center of expertise, handling complex immigration cases, building a dynamic communication with authorities and defining process that accelerate processes

🔹 ️Proposing immigration audit services to ensure companies and their staff are fully compliant with immigration requirements

🔹️ Developing a unique Corporate Accommodation Management service center in order to manage short to medium term furnished accommodations

As we monitor mobility market trends across Switzerland, we are structuring and reinforcing a wide range of exclusive services, such a expense management, salary net-to-net calculations, spouse/partner support and cultural orientation programs.

GR Mobility continues its development, is present in both the French and German part of Switzerland and brings together highly skilled, mature and experienced mobility professionals.

Francis Docherty
Chief Commercial Officer
GR Mobility Group
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