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The Guardian’s Sustainable Business desk covers the social and environmental impact of business. We publish news, feature and opinion pieces on topics including sustainability, the environment, tech and health. We work closely with writers to develop ongoing reporting series that explore the human impacts of climate change and go behind-the-scenes with the people and businesses championing sustainable living.

We’ve published pieces on the turning tide against junk food; employer drug testing; and Native American tribes tackling health woes with businesses built on traditional foods.

We’re written about chefs in São Paulo leading a gastronomic revolution by adding Amazonian insects to their menus; a Texas teenager who created a $20 water purifier to tackle toxic e-waste pollution; and the ecologist who successfully showed that tiny clothing fibers could be the biggest source of plastic in our oceans.

We’ve debated which is better, wages or benefits; searched for an app for loneliness; analyzed emerging economic systems; looked at the long-term environmental impacts of transporting bottled water; and interviewed high-flying business execs who want to save the world.

We’re an international operation, with editions in US, the UK and Australia. The aim of this post is to find new voices for our US edition. That’s not to say we’re looking exclusively for US-based contributors. We want new voices, stories and dispatches from North America, Canada, South America and surrounding nations.

What we’re looking for: We accept pitches from freelance writers and photographers. We’re looking for talented new voices with fresh, insightful ideas. The most important thing is to read GSB and get acquainted with our style and the subjects we cover. We accept pitches only; please do not send us finished manuscripts. Even if you’ve already written a piece, just send us a paragraph or two about what it is and we’ll take it from there.

How to get in touch: Send your pitch along with a brief introduction telling us who you are and why we should listen, and please include links to three published pieces. Photographers, please send us a link where we can view your work. Send your pitches to: kerry.eustice@theguardian.com.

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