One Time I picked up Jon Rice from the ETOWN Southside, we lived near each other. I’d get my parents AstroVan for mobile dj gigs, We called it the “Enterprize” It took whole ETown baseball teams to summer away games cause the school didn’t have a summer bus budget. We packed, unloaded and moved DJ Rigs, Speakers, Gear, Lights etc. back to the chi-town Q Branch Basement multiple times a week with DJ gear, in and out of the car then repeat, speakers’ etc. sometimes 2 gigs a night. The enterprise and Jon Rice Always came through for me. When other hommies would dip, or try chase a girl at the end of the night, or not honor there ‘Ill get you in for free but you gotta help carry some stuff” and they’d fake. Jon Rice never did on me.

One time in the Enterprize Jon and I were running a little late for the gig. It was bout the first time and rare time I was down and sad. Sophomore or Junior year. My Father had Non-Hoskins Lymphoma for a couple years now. It was always a cycle of sometimes things were medically great or not so great. It was not so great period of that Decade strong struggle.

Think it was new for the time or very radical for the timeframe medically speaking; but my father needed platelets and he needed them badly from his own blood. Obviously I did it. It took hours upon hours. I was drained. Perplexed. Some kinda of Cosmic, Star Trek Science thingy, karma, oddness just happened to the Ohana. I had to put my head down and I slept through the ETOWN Baseball Awards night. I really wanted my BIG E LETTER it was gonna my 1st of 3 BIG E Letters in my Bursting Eyes, Just like my 2 older brothers had and all … .

The Days after I went religiously down to the athletic wing 2 personal talk to my Baseball Coach about that day and ask for my LETTER, with my head down each of the times. Finally a few Day Latter on the Friday of that week. I bumped into Coach. It was odd like were almost perfectly gun dueling distance away (honestly or in my mind [but it was like 20 feet, im an engineer; come on now]). He just stopped and looked dead at me like ‘I FVcked Up Big Time’ I barely could talk, “Coach I am sorry I was not able to make the Baseball Ceremony the other day. (Stuttering) I was hoping to still be able to get ‘my letter?’ He SPIKED BACK FAST & FIERCELY, “U DON’T DESERVE A LETTER and Should have still been There.” It was the first and last time Words have ever made me physically get weak; as I keeled, flashes of all the pitches I took for team, strawberries, etc; didn’t hurt as much or as deep. That’s Why I was running late.

Rice knew something was up with me and I told him the story above. I was even driving slow.

Then Rice and I unbelievable get into a fight, well a verbal fight. I mean who would fistfight Rice, NO ONE. Rice needed go to his Football Locker at ETHS before the gigs. I was swearing and yelling RICE WE DON’T HAVE TIME, ITS F CLOSED ANYWAYS. He Yelled Back. I would like to front like it was more then once, but if YA EVER HEARD RICE YELL at a MF, it probably was ONCE J

I put on the Radio either 102.7FM WBMX or 107.5 WGCI to listen to the worlds 1st Radio Mixshows {Big UP}.

RICE was actually pretty damn fast like a couple of minutes if that…

He jumped in shotgun and RICE threw a Large Manila envelope in my lap.

Now, I don’t where it came from. I do not know if there was a robbery that just happened (known of my business), I don’t even know if a door or any door for that matter was locked or unlocked, and how the hell some shit could happen that fast in 3 minutes {I know Crime timelines and the distance that had to be travelled}, or if it fell out of a Coconut tree or even if it was Jon Rice’s very own BIG VARSITY FOOTBALL LETTER E.

RICE looked at me and said, “you’re a Dehnert as well and everybody knows Dehnert’s play baseball for ETOWN. You Dad has always been good to me, now open that up and play some good shit!, Redicously a Dehnert don’t have a Letter Shieeet!”

I Opened the envelope and the biggest SMILE came across my face to excitement and revealment of MY BIG SHINNY ORANGE AND BLUE bigger then life LETTER E.

I turned the radio up and D-Train’s 12 inch Version of “Keep ON” dropped right on cue.

We Bumped that MF to a thousand and ELEVEN on the volume dial.

I swear Rice and I almost broke the ENTERPRIZE Dancing, Jacking, popping, locking, shacking, rocking, …, I mean them shocks were getting FCUKed.UP.

Rice is My Boy. Bless your Soul.

RICE, I Still Got Our Letter E.

D-Trains “Keep ON”

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