Excluding any groups is intolerable, regardless of motivation.
Lawrence Jurrist

“Excluding any groups is intolerable, regardless of motivation.”

Excluding neo-nazis is “intolerable”? Excluding anit-gay christian groups is “intolerable”? They are excluding PRO-ZIONIST GROUPS THAT THEY HAVE SPECIFIC ISSUES WITH THE ACTIONS OF THE STATE OF ISREAL, not Jewish groups or Jews in any sense, context is critical. You’re point is worthless and idiotic and repulsively dishonest. Think for once in your life. I know it will be really hard but you will be all the better for it.

“It doesn’t matter whether these protesters “felt” anti-semitic or not.”

It most certainly does. Anti-semitic behavior is defined by motivation, again context.

“They terrorized a bunch of Jews, regardless of their motivation.”

No they didn’t. Read the article, no Jewish “groups” have been targeted. The rest of your post is just flat out lies and sophistry.

Try critiquing the actual motives. Instead you are trying to smear any criticism or movements against Israel, a modern STATE with specific geopolitical INTERESTS and not Judaism incarnate, as anti-semitism which, incidentally, is the only thing this post is trying to do. It is trying to smear any assault on Israel with some cockamamie long winded and bizarre link to historical anti-semitism which not only is dishonest but it is just fucking vile as it deprives that term, and it’s long storied history, of any genuine meaning. Repulsive. Shame on everyone involved with this letter.