The information is anecdotal, but around 90 percent of insurance agencies use some kind of agency management system (AMS). For a growing agency, this is a necessity, but it is also crucial for every agency that wants to stay on top of their business in a time when insurance industry experiences disruption and innovation in so many areas.

Agency owners have a burden of keeping their employees productive, motivated and enjoying the benefits of technological advances and streamlined processes. They also have a responsibility to provide the best and fastest possible service to their customers.

What Do Customers Want

More than 90% of consumers…

It’s 2018 and we deserve better.

Most (if not all) modern agency management systems let you fill in Insurance Application Forms from within their systems. The one my agency uses even prefills some fields in personal lines applications (from the data insurance companies download into our agency management system). However, many agents consider this feature extremely overrated. Agencies need these Insurance Application Forms for new clients, not existing ones. We do most of our new personal lines business on carrier websites or comparative raters, making this fill-in feature mostly irrelevant.

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Direct writers have told me that fewer than 5% of…

GST Software Inc.

We help Insurance Agents effortlessly manage Commercial Insurance Applications in one place #QwikSubmit I #InsurTech @ Missoula, MT

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