An open letter to all the MSM haters

Dear Snarky Millenial,

Please stop your complaints about the evil mainstream media or “MSM”. If you share an article one more time leading with, “The MSM doesn’t want you to see this”, I will lose my fucking mind, reach through my cell phone screen and slap you. 2 points:

1. You’re not an investigative reporter who found some suppressed story to which no one else has access. We all live in the Goddamn information age. It is condescending AF to think you’re the only one that knows about your story. Older people have internet access and don’t only get their news from the MSM. You’re not a special snowflake.

2. The mainstream media actually holds themselves accountable to journalistic standards. I know this is a foreign concept, but it involves actually having multiple confirmed sources to provide details to a story. Not just Tweets and comments sections, but actual sources… So, when you share your Breitbart, InfoWars, or Progressive News nonsense, the grown adults look at you like you’re in the grocery store staring at the National Enquirers at the checkout counter and believing all of the bullshit they print.

3. Fuck it, I actually have 3 points. Why does the MSM constantly run back the same BS salacious story rather than focus on the actual issues? Maybe I watched a little too much Newsroom or listened too much to Colin Cowherd, but it’s real simple: the fucking ratings. Cowherd actually made the point that sports media is little more than a pop music radio station. They play the hits. They run back Tebow stories because 50M Americans buy his jersey rather than the 30 premier league soccer fans in the US. And, the MSM will play the ridiculous Donald Trump sexual-assault-brag story over and over again because people would change the channel if they talked about his idiotic policy plans.

That’s it! No more whining about the MSM! Get off my lawn!