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3 min readJun 4, 2018

Join us in welcoming Lightbulb Capital Digital as an approved Sponsor Firm in our ever-growing global network.

Introducing Lightbulb Capital Digital
With a wealth of experience in finance and technology, Lightbulb Capital Digital uses their expertise to offer guidance to token issuers throughout the entire token sale process. The team is committed to helping token issuers navigate both the pre and post-token sale environments, to help create long-term sustainable businesses. Singapore and Hong Kong-based Lightbulb Capital has exceptional in-house experience and an extensive network in the technology, finance, regulatory, academic and business areas, enabling them to fully support token issuers as they develop their projects.

Matthew Cannon, Co-Founder of Lightbulb Capital Digital, previously Head of Global Markets at HSBC in Singapore, said:

“We offer clients aiming to democratise and disrupt financial services a differentiated set of skills, experience and network which is unparalleled in this space. The GBX platform provides a balance of innovation and best practices which makes it a perfect partner for Lightbulb Capital Digital.”

New Era In Token Sales
The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), together with its token sale platform, the GBX Grid, aims to create a new industry standard for token sales by providing a platform that exemplifies institutional-grade standards and best practices. Through the guidance of our Sponsor Firms, within a rules-based system and secure exchange environment, we are redefining the way token sales are conducted and aiming to build a liquid market for trusted participants.

Dan Liebau, Co-Founder of Lightbulb Capital Digital commented:

“Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world and how mankind conducts trade and commerce. Despite the fast-moving pace of technology and innovation, ethics, reasonable oversight and governance are required. We look forward to contributing to the building of a new paradigm ecosystem together with GBX.”

From Strength to Strength for the Grid
With new and exciting token sales making their way through the rigorous listing process of the GBX Grid, we have started to set the new precedent for token sales. This focus on protection and transparency for token sale participants continues to draw more registrations to the GBX Grid.

Nick Cowan, CEO of GBX said:

The fact that we have reputable and experienced firms becoming Sponsors on the GBX Grid highlights the desire for token sales to be done within an environment of good governance, transparency and best practices. Each new Sponsor Firm that joins our growing community takes the GBX from strength to strength. Lightbulb Capital Digital’s vision and ethos is another step towards building a world-leading, institutional-grade token sale platform and digital asset exchange.”

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