I’m boycotting Zenimax and you should too.
Morgan Jaffit

“ We (indie developers, solo developers, small studios, etc) have very little power when it comes to the actions of billion dollar businesses but the one thing we can do is refuse to deal with them.”
I myself couldn’t say it better. This is exactly why I decided to not work with and use the Oculus technology. Facebook is a giant company that apparently has stolen code (Zenimax has made public a lot of evidences that John Carmack took code without authorization) so why would I work with such technology/company? Just to make money? if so Then I would not be different than any of them.

I do understand your point. The actions of Zenimax are bad for developers that put their software in the Oculus store, but that is not their fault (who gets part of the money that the store make?……yeah the people who stolen the project…). They didn’t steal their own code.

(I’m a non native speaker, so please excuse any mistake :D )

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