Anthony Scaramucci in Davos 2017

Tony Scaramucci’s words about Donald Trump reinforce what I heard from my friend, Phil Town — who has also met him.

Some of the highlights for me:

When Trump first approached Tony, he was fundraising for other Presidential candidates, and was unwilling to simply switch horses. Trump respected that and told Tony that if his candidates lost, he wanted Tony in his campaign.

Tony grew up decidedly middle class. His perception is that is that people like his parents have seen their real incomes decline by 30–40%. He was unaware of this — as with increasing business success, he had surrounded himself with the very wealthy.

But when he attended his first Trump rally, he went out into the crowd and met people just like his parents. That’s when the scales fell from his eyes.

The only other person to understand this fully was Michael Moore. There were 30,000 or more people showing up to Donald Trump’s rallies, and they were often waiting outside in the rain for hours. The Trump team had no doubt that these same people would turn out to vote for him.

Lastly, Scaramucci make clear the huge gap between the rhetoric of the press, and Trump’s actual positions. He painted him as an empirical, rational businessman — who will examine problems from a new light and seek to solve them — the way a business man would.

In two examples, Scaramucci portrayed Trump as a pro-free trade but who sees the need to adjust trade agreements. He also portrayed Trump as in favor of Nato, but when the clear desire to adjust the organization to current realities.

If you have an hour, this is a worthwhile clip to watch.