Dating and Sales: John Livesay on Getting to Yes:

Some time ago, I was a guest on John Livesay’s Podcast. I had never met him, and I was quite nervous, as this was one of my first podcasts. It was going to be over skype. We had just gotten through the sound check when John said, “wait a minute” and disappeared. When he returned, he had a big floppy dog in his hands — which remained on his lap for the duration of the interview.

The hilarious thing for me is that I don’t even remember what sort of dog it is.

John recently emailed me an e-book titled, “Getting to Yes” — in which he makes the analogy between how selling is very similar to dating. But even though it is so obvious, there are just so many people who do things in selling that would get them slapped if they did it on the dating scene.

John’s e-book is a refreshing and useful take on how to sell.