Eyes Wide Open, Federer, Joakim Reiter, Of Permanent Value, Maryann Keller & Vipassana,

Here are some of the inspiring things that crossed my desk (or email inbox, or browser) recently.




Eyes Wide Open — medium.com 
 Overcoming Obstacles and Recognizing Opportunities in a World That Can’t See ClearlyContinue reading on Medium »

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Yuval Harari on how meditation made him a better historian — www.vox.com

What kind of mind creates a book like Sapiens? A clear one. So many people have now talked to me about Vipassana. I am going to do a 10 day course later this year.

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Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett Worldwide Edition — www.amazon.com

Andy Kilpatrick is the best chronicler of Warren Buffett out there. His new book includes a recently written on Berkshire’s Apple Investment.

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Buffett — the Movie. — www.slideshare.net

Here is an excerpt from chapter one of Kilpatrick’s book on Buffett the Movie.

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Flow State Runner: Extraordinary Lessons come from Unusual Places — medium.com

This book is about much more than running.

Selling Opel: Common Sense Prevails at General Motors.


Maryann Keller is the best auto analyst I’ve come across. This is just one of a number of fine and insightful articles one can read on her website.


Joakim Reiter: Trump’s Trade Revanchism — www.project-syndicate.org

Short of reneging on trade deals, this administration has four other options for pursuing its goals.

Two Great Articles by Ben Thompson

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The Great Unbundling — stratechery.com

The 2016 Stratechery Year in Review



My Liberal Friends, if you want to Defeat Donald Trump — blog.aquamarinefund.net


Steven Spielberg Listen To The Whisper — www.youtube.com 

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Charlie Munger talking about Mohnish Pabrai and a fair fee structure — vimeo.com

I’ve Followed Warren Buffett For Decades And These 10 Quotes Are What I Keep Coming Back To: William Green


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