The Mad Minute

I first met Peter Weishaupt on twitter. Then he joined me on a great new email platform —

Some time later, when I joined a livestream with my friend, Ori Eyal and others on Facebook, Peter found me, and we were able to chat live.

He invited me to be one of his first guests on a great new podcast — called the Mad Minute, which Peter takes from his military training. The mad-minute is when, in a combat situation, two soldiers who have recently joined forces, share with each-other everything that is important in a “mad-minute”. The idea being that if they get separated, they will at least have communicated the key relevant information.

Peter has applied this to short and sweet podcast formula that’s a bit like a TED talk — and I guess that the punch-line is that if you can’t communicate what’s important in the first 5 minutes, you might not be able to communicate in 5 hours either.

So the insights come think and fast, and like a blitz game of chess, it’s fast.

Here is my “mad-minute” with Pete Weishaupt:

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