VALUEx 2018: One to Many vs Many to Many.

Most investment conferences are a one-to-many experience. By contrast, VALUEx is a many to many experience. The idea is to maximise connectivity between the participants.

One of the ways I do that is by applying a Parliamentary rule of procedure which requires every participant to talk. Even though it’s a large-ish group of 70 people, by the time our 2 1/2 days are over, everyone will have addressed the room in one capacity or another.

These twos videos should give a sense of the atmosphere:

A few of the presentations and talks

Most of what is shared is confidential. But in certain cases, our participants have given us permission to share with a broader audience as follows:

You can access of of the talks below by using this link:

Brad Gillespie on Machine Learning
Chris Reese: Waiting for more dough
Ninad Shinde: Ctrip
PV Ramanathan: Olympic of Bangladesh
Robert Karas: How the bull market is infiltrating our brains.
Sophocles Sophocleus: Discovery Communications
William Robertson: Carp in Changing Times