A Remarkable Story to Match Remarkable Talent

Tyler Grow (left) has overcome his own personal adversity to showcase an amazing musical gift.

A Palm Beach County, FL recording studio nearly half a world away, and it is just the latest stop along Tyler Grow’s path to success in the film industry.

Tyler, a rising sophomore at the G-Star School for the Performing Arts, has overcome personal adversity to get here. A difficult past in a Romanian orphanage has led to a promising future among the instruments and editing equipment of a seasoned musical talent.

Difficult Past Leads to Promising Future

Adoption was the escape route Tyler took to arrive in the United States. At an early age, his adoptive parents began to recognize that Tyler was having difficulty with both hearing and speech. This led to the tests and the doctors, who found that Tyler suffered from a traumatic brain injury during infancy.

Tyler suffers from Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). The condition refers to how the central nervous system processes auditory information. Tyler can hear, but inside his brain he has difficulty processing certain types of sounds. He also suffers from some short-term memory loss.

However, he excels at processing other types of sounds: specifically music. In a sense it is its own language, and Tyler has a gift for the endless possibilities, the flow, and the sound of music.

His mother Melissa recalls how it all started.

“Tyler was about 10 years old and one morning one of the teachers asked ‘When did you start getting Tyler piano lessons?” After explaining that Tyler had not had any lessons since he was four and those were only to familiarize him with a piano, the teacher took her to see something amazing.

Beautiful and Scary

“Tyler was on the piano, playing beautifully while looking through the window watching his classmates play outside at recess. He never even looked down at the keys while he played. I had no idea what just happened.”

And then his ability to recall music showed itself.

“He then started playing theme songs he heard from movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Nightmare before Christmas, Harry Potter. It was both beautiful and scary.”

Some children and young adults learn music, Tyler seemingly channels it. He has never taken a music lesson and cannot read sheet music, yet he has an astonishing recall of the complex layers of distinctive sounds that weave together to form music.

Hear Tyler’s interpretation of the Dr. Who theme

“I have good repertoire so I’m told, and I can go ahead and play the whole song while people have to have sheet music,” Tyler explains.

Working the Magic

When the language becomes music, Tyler is a budding master. He can seemingly paint pictures with sounds, which is exactly how he describes it. “It’s like tracing colors on the keyboard, and then just remembering where to put those colors at.”

“I know how to retrace them and I know how to go ahead and place my fingers and put them on there and just work the magic, I guess.”

Tyler intends to take his talents to Hollywood, where he hopes to score films. His music could someday become the backdrop of the memorable scenes we all see on the silver screen, and he is already on his way, making the connections and refining his remarkable talent alongside some of the very best in the industry.

Talent Opens New Doors

At NYU, Tyler worked with industry veterans in a state of the art facility.

This summer, Tyler was selected to participate in the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop on the campus of New York University. The program gives young composers an opportunity to learn more about the creative and the technical side of scoring for a wide range of media including television and film.

Tyler hopes his achievements so far in life and the career he has chosen give him a platform to talk about the adversities children from his homeland face every day. He hopes to shine a light on how some people view orphaned and abandoned children, and also raise awareness about children with disabilities. He hopes that his story offers hope to many following along that same path with such difficult beginnings.

Tyler has been featured on Palm Beach, FL NBC affiliate WPTV.

Today, Tyler is focused on the path to a career that allows him to share his special gift with audiences. His ambition and personal drive are a key element to achieving his success.

At the G-Star School of the Arts, Tyler is able to cultivate his amazing talent while also getting a well rounded education that will serve him in any path he chooses.

“Usually people have to work at it, but if you come from motivation, it gets you more far, where you’re trying to achieve it.”

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