Just purchased the iPad Air 2

Yesterday, I just purchased the iPad Air 2 64 gigabyte in gold since I checked two stores today for a 64 gigabyte iPad Mini 3 in gold which sadly isn’t available, so I just took an iPad Air 2 in 64 gigabytes.

So far, I think it is a good iPad since it has a lot more processing power and I played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the iPad Air 2 and it looks beautiful graphically.

I have been through three iPads. My first iPad was iPad 2 back in 2012 which pretty much didn’t work out for me and didn’t show off the potential which I sold it a few months later.

Second iPad is the iPad Mini first generation in November 2013 and that has served me well for the many months which the biggest trade off is the slower A5 processor.

And fast forward to now which I have the iPad Air 2.

The total price tag was $777.42. What was included to get the number is:

  • The iPad Air 2 which costs $732.23 after taxes. The iPad Air 2 before taxes is $646.99 and there is also an environmental fee on electronics in my area where I live.
  • The screen protector is $19.99 and $20 for installation which adds up to $39.99. With taxes, it added up to $45.20.

With a lot more processing power, better display and split screen multitasking, I think the iPad Air 2 is the best iPad I have used.

Now, there are some people that ask me which iPad they should buy. Here is my advice:

  • iPad Air 2 if you really want the latest and greatest with the most processing power, have the extra cash and want plenty of screen space to use when using the iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air if you want the iPad, but don’t need the fancy bells and whistles the iPad Air 2 has. Personally, I tell people that it is much cheaper, but the trade off is they only come in 16 and 32 gigabytes.
  • iPad Mini 4 if you want the fancy processing power in a much smaller size tablet. If that isn’t needed, then I would stick with the iPad 3 if you can find one. If that isn’t possible, then the iPad 2, but with older hardware only coming in 16 and 32 unless it is a recent release, which all new iPads come in 16, 64 and 128 gigabytes.
  • Wi-Fi or Celluar: Personally, I always go with the Wi-Fi first since I rarely take my iPad outside of my house unless it is the college which has Wi-Fi avalible that I can connect to. Cellular iPad models are only useful if you have the extra data in your plan or willing to buy data for your iPad. Some wireless providers now bundle the data in your voice and data plan to share it with your tablet, but there is an extra fee depending on the provider of course. Me personally: I think I will just use my celluar on my phone to not pay extra fees to hook up my tablet to my plan.

I am new to the platform which I hope to be blogging more in an open enviroment and discussing many different areas that concern me. The good, the bad and the ugly. Not everything will be happy, but I think it is very important to share those moments of achievement and difficulties faced.