The Weekly Review and Self-Management of Attention
Sam Spurlin

Sam, nice job. This really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing.

For me, the Weekly Review is like the end of one chapter in a book and the beginning of a new one. It begs the question, “Where will the Super Hero (You/Me) go next? Why?”

I love how it brings me back a position of “ready.”

  • Ready for the next week.
  • Ready to continue the day-in and day-out practice of the routines, habits and rituals that create the conditions for a successful weekly review (capture, clarify, organize).
  • Ready to allow the unexpected (which I expect) to enter my world like an unexpected friend knocking on your door. “Hey, I didn’t expect you but now that you are here let’s see what kind of creative fun we can have together!”
  • Ready to walk away from my trusted system of lists so I can embraced serendipity and spontaneous moments.

#Gratitude for your article.

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