Ink and Volt 2017 Planner Review

A great planner focused on goals with long-term results!

My Notebooks (a History)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a weird obsession with office supplies — specifically pens and notebooks. Over and over I would buy a new notebook, start working in it, and end up abandoning it. As a child, it was often because I didn’t have much to fill it with. I had a reverence for beautiful notebooks, and I didn’t want to waste the pages on “kid stuff.”

As I grew up, I ran into a similar problem: I would buy beautiful notebooks (often Moleskine), start them, and then abandon them. But the reason for doing it had changed. The notebooks I was buying were all style and no substance.

Moleskine notebooks are pretty and they have an awesome heritage, but they’re a practical disaster. Pens bleed through the pages, and they open at weird angles.

It wasn’t until I started digging and found companies like Baron Fig, TWSBI, and now Ink and Volt that this changed.

Enter Ink and Volt

I was looking for a 2017 planner. I do most of my meeting scheduling and things like that digitally, but I like to keep a physical record of my year. Sometimes it’s a journal, sometimes it’s a goal tracker, sometime’s it’s a planner.

I was looking for a unique style of planner that would be less about planning and more about tracking and reflecting.

The Ink and Volt 2017 Planner appeared to me in a Facebook ad.

It looked carefully designed, with a lot of attention to detail. I put in an impulse order, fully expecting to receive it, judge it, and abandon it like I’d done so many other times (including the objectively great Baron Fig 2017 Planner).

When the Ink and Volt arrived, I found it to be exactly what I needed.

The Notebook Itself

Simple Exterior of the Ink and Volt Planner

At first glance the Notebook is very simple, but elegant. The cover has a nice texture to it visually, and it feels great to the touch.

One complaint I’ve always had about the Baron Fig material is its propensity to stain and get dirty. The Ink and Volt notebook picks up every speck of dust, but cleans with a quick brush of the hand. And the material feels great.

Opening it Up

Example of a Weekly Goals Page

For me, this is where the notebook really shines. This is a book geared at helping you keep track of the bigger things in life. It encourages you to set monthly, weekly, and yearly goals. It encourages you to review the goals on a regular basis. It encourages you to celebrate the successes along the way.

And they even manage to throw in some great quotes to reflect on.

I’ve played with lots of planners in my lifetime, and this is the best one I’ve seen for goal tracking.

The paper is thick, and luxurious. There’s no bleed, and the pen (I used a Baron Fig Squire) grips well but writes smoothly.

The size also feels just right to me.


If you’re looking for a great, goal focused planner for 2017 then your search is over. The only potential objection is price ($40) but I think it’s well worth it for something you’ll use for an entire year.

Buy it!

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