I blame corporations
Randomly Me you’re correct. And the truth is, I don’t blame the teachers.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Agreed. Emphasis on the second syllable.

Corporate America is no more than a dehumanizing endeavor. Once anything gets beyond the founders’ mission and intent, it turns into a heartless machine of soul destruction. It pulls every last ounce of will from anyone that has no other choice for survival. They are literally the exact premise as The Borg. When anything turns robotic, formulaic, and rote-driven the inevitable outcome is the complete decoupling if humanity.

Our schools have become drone pumps, and children are immediately beaten into that mentality from the start. They don’t even stand a chance. “Common Core”. “Standardized Tests”. “Standard Evaluation Standards”.

Welcome to The Borg.

I’m the son of a retired teacher, specially certified for teaching what used to be ESEA Chapter 1, a program since killed (by legislators), whose goal was to teach children being left behind. She accomplished, many times over, children going from a first-grade level of reading up to and beyond their at-the-time grade, the highest of which was eight. It was killed for funding “No Child Left Behind”, and she watched her students get back to being left behind.

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