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Before I absorb the whole story this hits me so hard. I’ve had “friends” who made snide, sideways remarks like that, and it burned the hell out of me. As if I am so disregarded, so small, that once anything I did was past them it meant they had sunk far beyond the lowest of levels imaginable. Surely, someone else of great stature and regard was acceptable to fall behind, while not realizing it, but when it was me, it was an abomination.

Those sniveling little turds had a profound effect on me, and it seems most “people” I meet wind up having that same snobby, elitist mid-class wannabe ego slathering over one hell of an inferiority complex. I haven’t seen any of them in forty years, and have no friends to this day as a result. Im surrounded by a neighborhood full if middle management shitwads too.

I’d rather be on my own, at my low level, than to sink further and become one of them. The stinking rat bastards. Is Kaczinski’s hut for sale still???

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