After all, I am just an Ohio-born engineer-schooled corporate-escapee who stumbled his way into this writing thing.
This is how you write.
Matthew Trinetti

For a long time now I’ve struggled with this very thing. An economist-schooled-turned-ruined-career-developer. I struggled to find my place, but finally was met with the ultimate, classic example of an asshole company festering asshole management that destroys people with intent and satisfaction for doing so.

Your post was great, until the “Ohio” part (this winds up good I hope), because that just happens to be where said asshole company and asshole manager(s) was born, and is based still. But, for the first time in almost a year, I’m softening my universal disdain, and ironically your words help me to remember assholes are assholes, everywhere.

So thanks for the story. It not only encourages me to finally start putting the thoughts in my psychotic mind down, but it inadvertently tempered a long-burning hatred whose smoke has been impairing my life for a very long time.

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