8 Things I wish I learned in university — How education reduces our chances at succeeding in life
Monica Lazar

Great story, lots of great points I agree with completely.

Here I go on a rant because the points really touched nerves that have been festering in me for years. Just to make sure, from here on I’ll use “you” in general terms. It is not directed as you, Monica.

Anyway, your story inspired me to get more of my rage and confusion out to what hopefully is a genuine audience. An audience that isn’t the typical piss-and-vinegar laced douchebags normally found attacking everything anyone says. An audience that also is not like the people I used to think were friends but awhat I know now are heartless, selfish turds.

If the money spent on me for college … tuition, room and board and then rent, meals … had been invested instead, I would have been much better off.

My degree, a double major in economics and banking, is worthless. The horses asses around will say it’s my own fault I never did anything with it. Well, I’m not the entrepreneurial type at all, and I goddam sure can’t give myself a job or force anyone to hire me. So, screw them. Plus when you graduate slam-ass in the midst of a financial industry collapse (S&Ls) with degrees specialized in the collapsed and evaporating industry, it really gets worthless.

What is the worst is that in the world if IT, if you can read, and you can google, buy a dummies book, give a hack school tuition, … you will earn more than the university educated person sitting beside you who has decades of experience right out of the goddam gate. Yeah, the same one you always have to ask opinions from; the same one who mentors you even though your situation alone makes them want to set their own heads on fire.

Getting a degree is fine for teaching, legal, medical, engineering and scientific endeavors. But for anything else, especially IT, you may as well hurl your time and money on the craps table. Your odds of a meaningful return are a hell of a lot higher.

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