Don’t Send Coats, Don’t Donate Copies of ‘Fifty Shades’
Nicole Dieker

I’ve always wondered why things that aren’t recyclable (in the traditional ideas) couldn’t be ground up and suspended in an epoxy or some sort of base and used for something, like a sidewalk base or something along those lines. If it’s biodegradable at the same rate uranium is, there’s bound to be some use for it. Same for clothing or cloth-based items. Car manufacturers have used denim for sound deadening, and some home insulation has been made from shredded denim.

The big problem I guess is getting it from point a, the haver, to point b, the prospective user. Then there’s the method to actually transform it. The first one could be easily solved through existing private and public infrastructure, such as libraries, auto dealerships, or even goodwills and the like. Then there could be someone at the next layer that is linked with the final user, someone who would be the transformer.

I’m not sure how logistics would work out, but there just has to be a way to reuse all of that old crap.

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