What Does It Matter.

I have been lied to.

I have been cheated.

I have been socially, spiritually, emotionally bullied.

Laughed at, ridiculed.


Every situation.

Classmates, teachers, coaches, parents, men of “god”.

Elementary School.

Middle School.

High School.


College was the way out.

College was the ticket to a new life.

College was the way to build a life.

Hard work. Studious work.

28 years later, nothing.

Less than nothing.

No friends. They never were anyway.

No family. No one noticed or ever would.

I was never good enough for either.

Overlooked and cheated by “colleagues”.

Debt built on a failed attempt to avoid a failed life.

Fake it til you make it.

I never made it.

It was against the fate of my putrid, useless life.

I’ve watched the meteoric, instant rise of others.

Salt in the wound. Alcohol in the wound.

Alcohol on the soul.

May as well be a bullet.

And most likely, ultimately, will be.