and help us build a great community for Customer Support and Customer Success

Dear fellow Customer Heroes,

By providing stellar support and helping people succeed, you all are valuable assets for your companies, customers and coworkers. Working with and for customers can be overwhelming some times. But think of the small wins every time a customer walks out happy, you get a positive review or you resolve a complicated issue.

Sharing both the concerns and the good news makes you always feel great! That’s why I invite you to join our awesome international community called Support Driven. In Support Driven…

The DEVit Conference is on it’s way. In less than a month hundreds of web and mobile developers, students, coding enthusiasts and tech geeks will gather together to this extraordinary technology feast in Thessaloniki.

You’ve heard already a lot about it, your friends are sharing the news all over social media, you even thought of buying a ticket, but you are not quite convinced? I can only tell you that you have to be there and here is why!

Attend the talks of our top-tier international speakers

You get to meet people who exceed at what they do and have a great expertise to share with us. You’ll…

Georgia Tsiamanta

Customer Support & Operations Consultant @, Education Manager @

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