The Treasure

By Kandita Roro (Catherine) and Daddy

(L-R: Kupu Kupu, Grandma Kupu, Rina’s Dad, Rina’s Mom)

Once there was a little girl named Rina, who lived in a small village with her parents and Grandmother named Kupu. One day Grandma Kupu told Rina a story about Treasure City, just beyond the trees. In the evening Rina told her parents she wants to go find Treasure City. But her Dad yelled, “NO! You cannot go! Its too dangerous.”

The next day Rina cried not only because her dad yelled at her but also Grandma Kupu passed away. Rina decided to run away, far into the forest, beyond the trees. She ran and ran, but it became dark and windy. There was lightning and rain everywhere. Rina sobbed because she was wet, cold and lost in the forest. It was midnight when Rina finally cried herself to sleep.

Now, just as the morning sun began peeking through the trees a blue butterfly landed on Rina’s shoulder. The butterfly whispered, “Rina, go back to your family. They miss you!” “But I’m lost kupu kupu. What should I do?” Rina asked. “Don’t worry I’ll help you find your way back home. Follow me!” said the butterfly.

Smokey Mountain Sunrise

They traveled through the forest for hours. Then in the distance Rina saw her parents. She thanked the blue butterfly and quickly ran to her parents. She was scared her dad would yell at her for running away. But instead he was crying tears of joy. “Rina, we missed you but why did you run away?” He asked. “Because I was sad and wanted to find Treasure City” Rina said. “But after being away from home I learned that the real treasure is right here with my family.” Then to everyone’s surprise the blue butterfly landed on her Dad’s nose. They all laughed and hugged.

Thank you, Hatur Nuhun!

Stamford School Bandung, Indonesia “Speaking from the Heart” age 8 and below group contestants