What a difference a day makes

24 little hours ……..

The day you miss…..

You do not ever have to worry about the day you miss

You never have to worry about the day you miss

In getting in contact with old friends

In working towards community development

In striving to build an investment portfolio

In reading to gain a better mental awareness of the world around you

In practising to achieve a better spiritual conscience

In working towards better religious understanding

In trying to gain a healthier lifestyle

In trying to lose or gain weight

In any pursuit of what makes you purposeful in any, being, getting, receiving, achieving, becoming and succeeding.

Sooner or later

The day you miss will definitely count in due time

Whoever you are

Whatever you do

Wherever you live

Sooner or later you find out that the culmination of any success and happiness is a journey made up of increments called everyday

Everyday because you can not reap where you haven’t sown

And it is only right that the more you sow, the more you reap

Everyday because it is very hard to envision success or riches in anything worthwhile without daily sacrifices of belief and hard work.

That life happens everyday is a given

That decisions have to be taken everyday is a must

That actions have to be made everyday is a necessity

What you do everyday is important

Just remember positive decisions and actions are what is important

Things will happen in life

It isn’t a question of “if” things will happen

It should be a consistent answer of “if” you will respond to things happening with the right decisions and actions

And not just keep reacting with excuses and blame lists.

Most success or failure in most aspects of life isn’t necessarily a spur of the moment happening. It is a long road filled with potholes of indecision and inaction. Or a journey filled with overcoming of obstacles, a consistent belief in positive decisions and a hard working effort at taking consistent action.

Life wasn’t built to be easy and fair

But decisions and actions are easy and presently justly fair. That is the justice of life. That everyone can freely believe and work hard

You just need to have the foresight, in whatever you choose to pursue, to be able to go into your future and see how you want your life to be. And then borrow that vision to fuel your belief and hard work for today.

If happiness or success is the vision,

Then the investment of belief and hard work is very important into being happy and envisioning the success to come.






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