Athletes, top guys, are extremely sensitive.
Diego Godinho Rocha

I agree athletes can be sensitive, but they also aren’t (necessarily) dumb. If Paul George is REALLY hell bent on getting the Lakers (and only he knows that for sure) to the extent that he’s going there no matter what…why would it help him for the Lakers to give up assets to get him? There is literally no benefit for him, the Lakers or their future…other than him getting to LA a year earlier. I can’t pretend to know what Paul George is thinking but If I’m him and I know I’m going to LA regardless, I don’t want them to trade for me because I want them to have as much in the cupboard as possible when i get there and maximize their flexibility to build a team around me.

I get the Lakers have a few scrubs and or bad contracts they could give up. I mean if the Pacers are willing to take Randle and Mozgov then absolutely. By all means…but I strongly disagree with you about being fine with giving up Ingram and Russell. Russell has tremendous upside as a SG, and Ingram has had one year. You would give up on a number 2 pick that showed potential after year 1? I can’t co-sign that

So on my end…this the risk the Lakers are taking in assuming he feels like this. I could be wrong, the Lakers could be wrong, that’s just how I feel personally.

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