Main problem was Melo and KP beef with Phil.
Henry WC

That’s not even kinda true. He disrespected Melo MULTIPLE times. As for Porzingas, what has he done to disrespect Phil? He skipped an exit meeting? I would be frustrated with the puzzling moves and inconsistency that Phil has shown too. Not the first time a player has skipped an exit meeting, not even the first time a player has skipped an exit meeting with Phil Jackson, and it won’t be the last (well it might be if no one else hires Phil). The fact is as you said…Phil is not a good GM that’s the end of the argument, we both agree. So then why does he deserve to keep his job. This idea that KP owes Phil because he drafted him…that makes no sense. KP would have been drafted whether Phil picked him or not. Overall tho…none of this really matters. We can disagree about the various points you and i have brought up, I have my opinion and you have yours, that’s fine BUT we both agree that Phil is not a good GM, so then why should the Knicks keep him?

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