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The dichotomy between safe and reckless is so interesting. I loved the match between Sasha and Charlotte at Summerslam but I simultaneously found myself scared for Sashas life several times during the match. The hurricarana spot was mind blowing but legitimately terrifying. I don’t know what the answer is here, one thing i can say is we are in an era where we see suicide dives nearly every match and it’s becoming wholly unnecessary. I want guys like Bryan and Shawn Michaels to be around for as long as they can perform at a high level more than I want to see guys like the Miz for 20 years, but i respect where guys like the Miz come from. You don’t want to end up damn near crippled with dementia a few years after you retire just because you were pleasing the fans. I hope these performers can find a happy medium between showcasing their talents and having long careers

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