Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

Who could argue with you…Lochte told a version of the truth that is nothing more than a lie. We can spin it anyway we want and unfortunately for him, his success puts him in a much greater spotlight — he can’t afford to make those types of mistakes.

But how in the world, I mean really man, how does Trump have anything to do with this story???? I’m not even a fan of Trump, but you manifested a connection between these 2 stories? No you didn’t. You just knew people would respond, argue, and agree and your stats would be padded.

I hope your editor made you write that at the end to get a greater response rate and more reads. Laughable. And we wonder why Americans are yearning for good reporting, good journalism, because everyone with a laptop, internet connection, and a voice can be bought and paid for to spin any story anyway they want. You’re nothing but a mouse trained to jump for cheese.

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