【GREAT NEWS】GXChain Obtained Strategic Investment From Nine Top Institutions

GXChain started its business in the past two years with the fast-developing trend and dedicated with its mission always. Currently, it has evolved from a blockchain application — decentralized data marketplace to a public blockchain ecosystem which can circulate and empower other quality blockchain projects.

In the process of continuous evolution, GXChain’s value has been found and recognized by the public. We are honored to announce that: GXChain obtained strategic investment from Yuandao Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Link Capital, Bixin Capital, Fission Capital, Imagination Fund, Nirvana Fund, Stars Capital and 8 Decimal Capital recently.

Nine top institutions include Fenbushi Capital led by Dr. XiaoFeng and Mr. Shen Bo, Mr. Lin JiaPeng’s Link Capital, the rising star — Fission Capital led by Mr. Lijie Wang, Mr. Yuandao, a well-known evangelist for long-term exploration in the field of blockchain and token. They all favored the long-term value of the GXChain ecosystem and will provide resources for the development. GXChain will also achieve comprehensive strategic upgrading through this round of financing, promote the upgrading and globalization of the public blockchain ecosystem and push its ecosystem to a new height.

To date, GXChain developed many useful services, including the public blockchain, G-ID, BaaS, and Blockcity Pay services, which significantly supports app development. Besides, Blockcity, our killer to C app, boosts traffic and data support to developers, it is the most significant traffic pool and ecosystem and owns millions of real-name verified users. To B services, GXChain’s decentralized data marketplace has already commercialized. Furthermore, decentralized ITFIN debt sharing alliance, based on GXChain, were established as well, now serving more than hundreds of enterprises. The booming development of GXChain ecosystem attracts more and more excellent institutions, and they are eager to participate in this ecosystem.

The strategic resources and ecosystem upgrading brought by this round of financing will also benefit all projects within GXChain ecosystem and nourish them to become stronger. We will work with all our partners to expand the entire industry and create higher value for the world through blockchain technology.

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