GXChain Progress Report June.19th, 2019 — June.25th, 2019

Jun 26 · 3 min read

Products Development


  • GXX, GXChain smart contract compilation tool, is being investigated and designed
  • GXChain smart contract template is being designed


  • Released the new EarnWell release
  • Modified banner area of Korean version
  • Fixed EarnWell product details page display problem
  • Developed the sign in lottery function


  • Contract audit is under revision


  • Optimized English translation


  • Upgraded dependency modules to fix potential problems
  • Upgraded eslint and fixed the lint error


  • EarnWell will launch BTC and ETH on Tuesday and Thursday, with an expected annualized rate of 8%, and the expected annualized rate of up to 18% for floating products.
  • Blockcity holds a competition for articles. You only need to publish your articles in the community, and the top ten will receive a large amount of gongxinbao surrounding money and 10,000GXC experience money.
  • Blockcity added a new partner — Ladder Network. Ladder Network is a commercial cross-chain cornerstone Network in Web3.0 era, which aims to solve the transaction and circulation problems of cross-chain assets and information. LAD entered the Blockcity treasure pool on Saturday, June 22.
  • Week 21 of GXChain developer incentive plan: 3 new applicants, including 2 for document translation and 1 for Demo tutorial, and award 11400 GXC accumulatively. The GXChain foundation provides a generous bounty to encourage everyone to work together to promote the construction of the GXChain technology community, and expects more developers to participate in the development of the GXChain project.
  • The second round of the GXChain overseas community Sharing Campaign is now in its third week, with 1,121 participants on various social media. Members of the GXChain community around the world are welcome to join the ongoing event.
  • To celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of GXChain’s main net, the GXChain team and Binance held a special trading event to give back to the community and donated 50,000 GXC. Strength award: 30,000 GXC, lucky award: 20,000 GXC. The trading time is from 8:00 on June 19, 2019 to 8:00 on June 26, 2019 (Hong Kong time). Those who want to participate, please hurry up.

Branding & Marketing

  • MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, was invited to attend the “2019 China Digital Economy & Blockchain Innovation Application Peak BBS” to deliver the keynote speech on “Trusted Computing & Blockchain Development Opportunities”. MQ Huang said that while protecting privacy, trusted computing realizes big data computing, improves social efficiency and the economic added value of data, and is the balance between improving social efficiency and protecting personal privacy. Combine and utilize blockchain technology to enhance its compliance and neutrality and reduce business costs.
  • Yayun Fan, COO of GXChain was invited to participate in “GMGC 2019 Global Blockchain Games Summit · Beijing”, and delivered the keynote speech of “Game Ecology of Public Chain”. Shared the relationship between the public chain and games, how the public chain layout game ecology, GXChain in the future development of game ecology and other topics.
  • Yayun Fan says that the pure rewards of public links are meaningless. Only active community users and a rich ecosystem of public links attract developers who really want to do something. GXChain will provide stable development environment and technical support for developers in the chain and provide rich incentive programs for excellent and powerful development teams.
  • Xiaopeng Xu, operations director of GXChain was invited to participate in the national activity in 2019, and discussed with field experts and practitioners about the inspiration of blockchain on industry digitization, the development bottleneck of industry digitization, and how to further provide industry digitization.
  • The event was sponsored by Hangzhou YuHang Economic & Technological Development Zone Innovation and Innovation Bureau & Youth League Committee, and co-sponsored by Zhejiang blockchain technology application association and Hangzhou (YuHang) economic and technological innovation industry blockchain incubator.
  • The core team of GXChain completed the third repurchase of “5 million usd +GXC market repurchase plan” on June 23 and 24. This time, they repurchased 387,596 GXC pieces, totaling 1 million usd. So far, a total of 767,496 GXCS have been repurchased, with well over half of the funds still waiting to be tapped. GXC repurchased in the secondary market will be consolidated to the public address: gxc-buy-back for community supervision.

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