GXChain Progress Report June.26th, 2019 — July.2nd, 2019

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Products Development


· Fixed ES plugin block replay problem in ubuntu 18 system

· Updated GXX compiler, coding in progress, 20% progress


· Released sign in lottery function

· Fixed a problem with the page display

· Optimized the Korean version of the code

· Optimized check-in pages

· Developed Earn Soon ETH


· Distinguished between contract account and ordinary account

· Optimized account history

· Released test network


· Support for updating url and signing key for public letter node

GXCWallet Chrome

· Released 1.1.3, fix concurrent Operation error problem Operation


· Blockcity Earn Well will launch BTC and ETH value-added products on Tuesday and Thursday, with the expected annualized maximum of 8% for break-even products and 18% for floating products.

· Blockcity “sign in lucky draw” function is officially launched. Daily sign in can be entered into lucky draw. If you sign in continuously, you will have the chance to win 10 times bonus package. Earn Well Earn Well new alarm clock feature.

· GXC won the first place with 23000183 votes in the “mainstream currency voting” activity of MXC exchange, and will be launched in MXC exchange in the near future.

· Week 22 of GXChain developer incentive plan: add 2 new applicants, including 1 for multi-language GXClient and 1 for Demo tutorial, and award 11400 GXC accumulatively. The GXChain foundation provides a generous bounty to encourage everyone to work together to promote the construction of the GXChain technology community, and expects more developers to participate in the development of the GXChain project.

· The second round of the GXChain overseas community Sharing Campaign has entered its last week, reaching 2,790 participants on various social media. Members of the GXChain community around the world are welcome to join the ongoing event.

· This week, the Trusted Computing Protocol has added 6 new articles for overseas interpretation, written in Vietnamese, English, Korean and Spanish respectively. Thanks for the continuous progress of this activity, we are looking forward to your participation.

Branding & Marketing

· Recently, the GXChain mirror node service has officially launched amazon cloud computing services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing platform. Developers can deploy GXChain nodes with one click through the mirror service on the AWS application store and quickly launch a blockchain based system based on GXChain. In order to make it easier for millions of enterprise users to understand and access the GXChain network, GXChain has been equipped with tutorials, intelligent contracts and DApp development teaching documents.

· Recently, Reuters, the largest news agency in the UK and a listed news group with TOP3 influence in the world, published a special report entitled “GXChain is leading to blockchain-based Trusted Computing Business” on its website. This report focuses on a series of views of MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, in the “trusted computing business seminar”. Moreover, it links Libra with GXChain and strongly recognizes and expects the business future of GXChain and trusted computing.

· GXChain invited to participate in the “Chainge” technology salon no. 13, cross-chain: technology and new opportunities, hosted by ChainNode. During the activity, MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, Shared the theme — the development opportunity of trusted computing and blockchain. MQ Huang says trusted computing effectively increases the value added to the data economy and expands the market. And with the guests on the site to launch a heated discussion, the scene atmosphere is high.

· MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain was invited to attend the lecture series of blockchain technology application in school of management of Fudan university — building a value network of trusted data. At the meeting, GXChain founder &CEO MQ Huang said that trusted computing advocates the realization of big data computing while protecting privacy, so as to improve social efficiency and economic added value of data. Fudan university established the business department in 1917, and formally established the business school in 1929. It is the first university in China to set up a business administration education system.


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