GXChain Projects Progress Report Dec 15th - Dec 21st

Products Development


• The updated version of GXChain has been released to the test net and main net.
• Finishes upgrades of API node server.


• Optimizes wallet connection.
• Tests execution engine for the smart contract.

Smart Contract IDE

• Adds update function for the smart contract.
• Adds owner checking function for the title of floating contracts.
• Bugs fixes and optimization.


• Adds registration function.
• Optimizes authorize selection.
• Optimizes setup process.
• Adds transaction authorization.
• Adds “433” error code for unidentified errors.
• Bug fixes.


• Adds GXClient Factory.
• Optimizes single case mode.
• Fixes the adaptation issue with GScatter.

Mobile Wallet

• Fixes crash in specific instances.
• Optimizes nodes loading experience for off-chain data.
• Optimizes experiences for node reconnection.
• Optimizes check rules for TrustNodes delegate voting mechanism.

Operations and Branding

• GXChain official team registered in Huobi Chat community, one can download Huobi Chat and win many prizes.

• Minqiang Huang, Founder and CEO of GXChain was interviewed by Edaily, he presented our strategy in Korea market and current progress of GXChain globalization.

• GXChain TrustNodes election was reported by many media, one analyzed the governance of the TrustNodes and gave credits for the importance of the decentralized governance model.

• Haoxiang Lan, GXChain R&D Director was invited by CSDN and wrote the developer instruction regarding the development of blockchain platform. The tutorial nicely combines theory and real-life examples, providing essential guidance for developers.

Find Us:

Website: gxs.gxb.io/en/
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/GXS/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GXChain/
Twitter: twitter.com/gongxinbao
Medium: https://medium.com/@GXS
Telegram: t.me/GXChain_international
Github: github.com/gxchain/
Block Explorer: block.gxb.io/#/
GXC Trading platforms: https://medium.com/@gongxinbao/marketplace-to-trade-gxs-march-20th-2018-f27926110824