GXChain Projects Progress Report Dec 19th — Dec 28th

Products Development


• The DB API adds a get_table_rows_ex interface to query smart contract persistent storage for more flexibility and scalability.
• Optimizes smart contract debug log output.
• The API server supports HTTP mode to send transaction broadcasts;
• Solves problem with UIA payment fees when fixing smart contract calls.
• Ongoing the designs related to GXChain cross-contract calls.


• Adds promotional pages for new dApps in BlockCity.
• GXChain wallet is seperated from BlockCity.
• Smart contract execution engine inside and bug fix.
• The current time is on the line.
• Adapts the gscatter protocol to complete the inject.js package.
• Adapts to the gscatter contract call.
• Adapts the getldentity method of gscatter.

Mobile Wallet

• Adds Korean translation.
• Adapts to the jump instruction to BlockCity.


• Adds action serializer.


• Normalizes file naming, starting with GX to prevent module conflicts.
• The support contract calls call_contract_operation.

Operations and Branding

• On December 19, 2018, the GXChain core team removed the node protection of GXChain and officially handed over the power of GXChain to 21 public trust nodes.

• GXC current wealth management has been launched in Blockcity on December 21, the initial annualized rate of return is over 7%, the per capita maximum limit is 200GXC, and the minimum limit is 0.02GXC.

• On December 23rd, TrustNode officially handed over to Community Management for the first Meetup in Beijing.

• Minqiang Huang, founder of GXChain, was invited as the lecturer of Huobi China DApp Course, to present the Blockcity, the entrance of blockchain for students. After the course, he received an interview with Huobi News.

• GXChain participated in BitAsset Future Press Conference to present its growth path and discussed with many high-quality projects, institutional investors and community users about the industry direction of 2019, laying the foundation for future cooperation.

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