GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 2nd, 2019 — Jan. 8th, 2019

Products Development


• Finishes GXChain‘s design across contracts and first-round review, progress 90 %
• Optimizes the smart contract’s API withdraw_asset interface, progress 100%


• Develops Huoqitong 2.0 (in progress)
• Optimizes the compatibility of gscatter protocol


• Fixes serialization problem of utf8 string

Smart Contract IDE

• Adds checksum 160, check sum 256, checksum 512, and bloack_id_type built-in type.
• Fixes Chinese character encoding error of string
• Fixes the bug of importing to the same account from different chains


• On January 4, 2018, Minqiang Huang, the founder and CEO of GXChain, was invited to attend the conference of Chinese top public blockchain team held by CCID Research Institute and Shiliu Finance. Huang shared his interpretation of fundamental applied blockchain technology and discussed the current development and trend of public blockchain technology.

• On January 7, 2018, Haoxiang Lan, the R&D Director of GXChain, was invited to attend “Public Blockchain Conversation” chat room held by CCID Research Institute and Shiliu Finance. This online activity aims to explore the format of “public blockchain + dAPP.” What’s more, Lan’s influential article in CSDN, From Entry to Advanced Level: Expert Tells You How to Develop Public Blockchain, was compiled in 2019 Report of Block Chain Developers.

• In GXChain annually warming and blessing activities, GXChain sent you special gifts, please check your mail. We will organize more special activities, looking forward to your participation.


• GXChain ranks top 10 in CCID’s 2018 Global Public Chains in Basic-tech. GXChain has gained high recognition from experts according to CCID’S Global Public Blockchain in Basic-tech (I-VIII).

• GXChain was top 10 in the ranking of CCID’s 2018 Global Public Blockchains in Applicability. GXChain has gained high recognition from experts according to CCID’s Global Public Blockchain in Basic-tech (I-VIII). The index of applicability includes overall applied tech level, node deployment, wallet application, support of development, and achievement of application according to CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (I-VIII)

• GXChain’s top ranking in CCID’s Global Public Blockchain and GXChain’s excellent node management were reported by many mainstream media in China, Korea, and the US. GXChain’s decentralized governance and great achievement in China has attracted international attention.

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