GXChain Projects Progress Report Jan. 16th, 2019 — Jan. 22th, 2019

Products Development


• Added tx_serializer, providing serialization function for all transactions on-chain


• Upgraded to 2.0 version, replacing websocket with http
• Finished the compatibility test of the old version
• Added gxrpc model and provides encapsulation of rpc port
• Added get_chain_id port
• Added broadcast port
• Updated example and README documents


• Optimizes nodes loading experience for off-chain data.
• Simplifies the process of serialization, achieving serialization which supports 76 types of operations by tx_serializer


• 4,662 people participated in the BlockCity anniversary activity, which allows participants to win iPhone by sharing posters. We announced the name list of lucky participants at 8 pm on Jan. 15, and handed out all the gifts.

• The first week of GXChain Developers Incentive Project: 12 more individuals or teams joined our project, and 4 projects are under development. GXChain Foundation provided developers with huge bounties to promote GXChain technology community. We look forward to seeing more developers to take part in the development of GXChian projects.

• BTC Huoqitong Finance officially launched in BlockCity, which means users can save and withdraw their money at any time, with a yearly rate of earning as high as 5 %. We now have an experimental activity called Charging and Returning BTC. For participants who transfer BTC to Huoqitong before 23:59:59, Jan. 22. We will catch the data of your remaining money in the Huoqitong on Jan. 23 and hand out experimental money to your Huoqitong account. We will count the interest of the experimental money for three days. Time is running out! Hurry up!


• On Jan. 17, 2019, we had GXChain NYC Social Night at Manhattan, New York. This meetup was co-held by GXChain, U.S.Blockchain, Spark Blockchain, GXBean, Chinese Block Investors, and Tuoluocaijing. Minqiang Huang, the Founder and CEO of GXchain introduced the goal of GXChain Project, core technology and advantages, GXChain international community, and the plan in 2019. This meeting attracted more than one hundred professionals and fans in the blockchain industry.

• GXChain received the honor as the most influential public chain, evaluated by Jinsecaijing, a professional blockchain news media. GXChain gained this honor due to its high status as one of three Chinese public chains, and the election of 21 TrustNodes, which enabled GXChain to embrace community governance.

• GXChain realized strategic cooperation with BEPAL. The two sides not only established cooperation on BEPAL Touch published by BEPAL, but also in expanding GXChain wallet ecosystem. The current version of BEPAL Wallet V3.5.1 already supported GXChain.

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